1700+ is Diamond TRN wrote. But I have 1770 and sitting at Platinum II... How?

I don’t understand how 1700+ was diamond for a longtime and it still states that in TRN’s explanation of what is ELO. However, I have scores over 1700 + and I’m sitting with " Platinum II " everywhere. It looks terrible. Why is TRN doing this. Crazy part is that I was going to sign up for premium but now I’m have second thoughts about the ethical and legitimacy of this whole site. Bad score damages the gaming experience of all players. Getting good is one thing, but having good scores and this site miss reporting those good scores is damaging. Please drop back my diamond seals I worked for or is there a way I can turn off the misleading numbers/scores.

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Hi @vcp-motion,

We are sorry for the late reply, we could not give an immediate answer because we were configuring the system and adjusting some parameters for a new season. Now, we finally have the final parameters and you can find the new Elo tiers on this page:

We analyzed the data from previous seasons and we believe that the new Elo tiers represent your experience in each playlist much better.