2 profiles on fortnitetracker

My epic (fazequief) and my psn (cagecoxTwizzy) are both listed on fortnite tracker. Can they be combined so my stats aren’t going to two places and so people accurately search me?

Hi @cagecox,

No, we cannot merge two accounts.

Ok well it seems like a relatively easy fix. cagecoxTwizzy is not my epic so why is it verified on fortnite tracker? my epic is fazequief. It does not show my correct events and pr and there are no stats on cagecoxTwizzy but that account is listed as my epic and is the verified account. I just need to get fazequief as the verified account since that is my epic and where all of my game stats are. along with correct event and pr data.

atleast get my information going to the verified account. My verified account has no statistics on it. how does that make sense?