500 server error Brawlhalla account

When I look up the name Forged Fate (my Brawlhalla account) Tracker.gg gives me a 500 server error. This happens when I type Forged Fate in both Steam and Ubisoft options, and also when I link my Steam account. I have cleaned all cookies from browser and tried signing out and logging back in with all accounts. Same thing occurs. Thank you.

So, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I could use another site to track my stats. But there are no other websites except for yours that can track Brawlhalla stats, both normal and ranked games. It’s 100% server side because I’ve tried logging in with so many different methods. Other people’s phones, friend’s computers, different browsers, VPN services, changed dynamic ip address, reset router, changed MAC address, used browser console to check for various errors, and the list goes on. All I want is to see my stats.