A lot of my wins (500 missing) & eliminations are missing (7,000 missing

Squad Stats
I will provide more screenshots if needed

Hi @Fuljix,

Please check the toggles on our website:

As you can see, we provide separate stats for Trios and Squads while the game shows your stats combined.

Ive tried that and it only shows 159 squad wins and only 42 Trio wins

Do you usually play in bot lobbies? The website counts your competitive stats only, bot lobbies are not included.

Yes but a while ago near the end of season 5 the website displayed over 1,000 wins and 17,000 kills I figured bot lobbies didn’t count.

We don’t include all lobbies, only competitive/fair ones without bots.

I understood that but it doesn’t make sense to me why it used to show 1000 about a year ago but now it doesn’t. Was there a bug that showed bot lobby wins and that’s why it showed that many?

Yeah I have a question too I have 423 wins but on the tracker it says I have 420 so I was just wondering if you could help me out and change the number please and thanks.

Can provide screen shots

Please note that we get the data from Epic Games which is why we cannot change your stats in our system.