A lot of people paying for premium and it isnt working

we have like a week playing lobbies fullfiled with hackers cause we cant use the live feature. its fair that at least u guys give us an intel about the status of the app.

completely agree. If its been shut down for good, stop hiding behind the “maintenance” banner. If it truly is maintenance then give us some idea of a time table rather then the response of “its down for maintenance”

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On behalf of the Tracker Network team, I would like to apologize that the maintenance is taking too long now. We did not have such plans for August and our developers had to disable the live match features late at night last week. Unfortunately, we have reasons to keep it disabled and we hope to share some news as soon as possible (hopefully, this week). As of now, there is no exact timeline for availability of the live match features.

Please be sure that we do all we can to bring them back. We have built this app for the community and invested (and keep investing) a lot of resources into it. As you probably know, we have many Overwolf apps for different games now and you can easily see how we have been improving all of them over the past year. The same team is involved in most of these apps (including Warzone) and I hope this fact has enough credibility to ensure you that we are not going to give up on the Warzone app and the current maintenance is for a good reason.

During the maintenance, we also need to make sure the app does not violate the game compliance principles. If you followed the news earlier this year when Overwolf was banned, you probably know that other app developers went too far by building a tool to encourage queue dodging. In contrast, our app has never been built for this purpose and our users are free to make their own decisions based on the data we have. This is a difficult process and Overwolf helps us to go through all the required steps. However, when such a big company is involved, things are getting slower.

We would like to thank everyone for your patience and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Your support is extremely important for us these days. As all of you, we want to bring the app features back as soon as we can, but this is also our responsibility to make sure that our tool is safe to use for you and does not hurt the Overwolf ecosystem.

Ya this is bullshit, I’m paying money for basically just the live match tracker, if its not working tell us. kind of a coincidence it stopped working when the new season came out

Its frustrating that every time I pay good money for a service it get canceled. You may not have a time line but you can give us a better reply than ( we have many overwolf apps) I don’t give a shit about the other apps. That’s not what I paid for. How about return the money I paid or if the service “EVER” get running again start my service time from that point. As for now, ill just uninstall your useless app. No need to waste space on my hard drive. There are other services out there that have after match info that didn’t cost me anything.


Notice how the “Maintenance” turned into the Live feature actually being disabled. Kind of like we ASKED IN THE FIRST PLACE! But instead of being honest they went for over a week and just disabled the feature entirely. Making the app completely useless.

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