Able to see lobby stats but nothing pops up when i kill or am killed

When using the tracker in game i constantly have a tab in the lower right telling me to press alt + e to either show the lobby stats or hide them. I can deal with the constant small tab in the bottom right, however the main reason i chose to download the app was to directly see the stats of players who i either eliminate, or they eliminate me. I have seen screenshots where this appears to work as intended for others but for me i simply have the same tab in the bottom right just asking me to press alt + e for lobby stats and nothing about who killed me. Thanks

Hi @DoN_JoNsOn,

Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, we cannot reproduce this issue. However, there are some possible reasons why your opponent stats do not appear on your screen:

  1. You are using an old version of the app. The most recent Apex Legends update has broken some of our features, and we released a new version of the app today to fix the issue. Please open the app settings and make sure that you are using v1.4.0 or higher. If you have not received an update automatically, please reinstall the app from the Overwolf Store manually and try again.
  2. This feature might be disabled in the app settings. Please make sure that “Opponent Stats” is enabled. (By the way, this is where you can disable the hotkey reminder if you do not need it anymore.)
  3. Your in-game kill feed is currently disabled and the app cannot track in-game actions. Please make sure that “Obituaries” is enabled in the Apex Legends settings (see more: Stats not being properly tracked).

If none of it helped, please send us your Overwolf logs:

  1. Play a match in Apex Legends and make sure you killed someone or get killed.
  2. Leave the match and minimize the game.
  3. Right-click on the Overwolf icon in the system tray.
  4. Click on the “Support” button.
  5. Click on the “Create logs zip” button.
  6. Upload the file and share it with us.

Hi, thanks for the response. I have tried the methods you mentioned but still cant get it to show who has killed me or who i killed. I have a compressed zip file with the logs ready to send but cannot currently attach them to my reply. How you would like me to send them?

Please upload your logs on

What is your current app version?

V.1.4.2 is the current version, i get the lobby stats to show on screen by pressing ctrl and e together but nothing ever pops up upon eliminating or being eliminated.Will do.

is there an e-mail to send them to? Thanks.

I sent you my e-mail in PM.

According to your logs, you were knocked down and killed a couple of times during your game session. However, you did not kill anyone. Is it correct?

I guess that your opponent stats are probably shown out of the screen. If so, please do the following and try to play again:

  1. Open your display settings in Windows Settings (see the image below).
  2. Choose the recommended display resolution (for example, 1920x1080 if this is your native resolution).
  3. Change scaling factor (DPI) to 100% if your current scaling factor is higher.
  4. Open the game settings and make sure your game resolution does not differ from Windows resolution (for example, it should be 1920x1080).

Let me know if it helps. If not, please send a sceenshot where the app features are visible (e.g., the list of players). It will help us to understand if the app is shown properly on your screen.

Hi @DoN_JoNsOn,

I think I’ve found why it does not work for you. Could you open the main app window and show your match history please? Does it track your kills and knockdowns?

No it doesn’t. It recognises I’ve been in game but always says 0 kills even no matter how many I get. Sounds like your the right track.

Thank you for the update.

We received another bug report, and the problem was finally found. You can read about it here: Apex tracker is only reporting damage.

We will release a new version of the app tomorrow. I hope the app will work for you as intended. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will check back tomorrow for an update to the app, thanks for looking into this.

We released a fix, you will get an update automatically today during the day. Please make sure you are using v1.4.3 and let me know if your issue was solved.

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It works now, thank you.