About the tracking in apex

hi guys,

i installt me today the apex tracker but he only tracks the games i play AFTER the download but i wont to see all my games and in the valorant tracker is this working pls help me…

thx your trackerchicken

Hi @TrackerChicken,

The Apex Legends app tracks your stats only while the app is active, there is currently no way to track some of your stats without the app.

Do you have any issues with the Valorant app?

hi @LostBlood

thank you for the help but i have a nother question. Is the Valorant tracker also only tracking my stats AFTER the download or all so also the games bevor downloading. because i think that the tracker for valorant tracked also my older games

thx your TrackerChicken

The Valorant app will collect the historical data on your profile if we have your stats on our website: