Absolutely nothing works. The Division 2. Uplay. PC

1, All my stats are wrong.
2, My Avatar is wrong. Doesn’'t seem to update.
3, Login issues forced me to delete my account and start again.
4, Reset password email would not send to my email address. This mean’t I couldn’t even contact support as you have to log in to do so.
5, Login attempts to the forums always gave me a create account page. (eventually fixed by clearing cookies and deleting my account and creating another one).
6, Geo settings do not save/update (fixed by contacting support for a manual fix).
7, Only premium support is provided.
8, Even after deleting and creating a brand new account my username displayed in this forum is different to the one of my new account created. (Must be email related. Another thing that will not update).

With all these issues why would I ever even think about purchasing premium?