Account claim not working

Says the profile isn’t claimed but my steam account linked fine

going to ever get a reply?

@Radazuken You currently have the below accounts linked/claimed

Can you confirm these are correct?

Thank you


@LJM These are correct.

Any update on this topic?

Issue still persisting.

Hi @Radazuken,

Do I get it right you are concerned about the “Claim Profile” in the profile header? It may not work properly in particular cases, you do not need to worry about it. Your game profiles are currently linked to your Tracker Network account and nobody else will be able to claim your profile.

Alright, but if I want to claim the profile myself can I just… not do that? Because it doesn’t work?

So can I still not just claim my own profile?

Hi @Radazuken,

Sorry for late response. You do not need to claim your profile since you already linked it to your Tracker Network account.