Account doesn't link after name change

I recently changed my name from GZ_Droned to GZ_Rody on origin.

But now it removed me from my country’s leaderboard, and i am also not verified anymore.

I also can’t see myself on the site anymore. it’s been longer than 24 hours and GZ_Rody doesn’t exist

Can anyone help me with this?

I just saw that it is still tracking everything on my old name. GZ_Droned but it did remove me from my country’s leaderboards even though i’m on netherlands geo. does it take long for this to update? it’s been over 24 hours

Hello @GZ_Rody and welcome to the TRN forums.

Have you tried unlinking your Origin account from your TRN account and relinking?

Name changes in Apex do cause some disruption in stats gathering as all of the infrastructure from Respawn and TRN “talk” with each other to determine your new name as well as correlate it to your old name (to prevent loss of stats). I’ve seen this take from a few hours to a few days just depending on what else is happening in the world.

I’ve tried relinken and it didn’t work.
I’ve checked today but it still has not updated my name and i’m still not on the country leaderboard