Account is not showing up in the Leaderboards!

on some specific Leaderboards (like German headshots on Octane) i should be in the top 50s but my name doesnt show up in the Leaderboards an i dont know why. I can track my account normally and the main stats like kills /headshots/damage are all correct but i just wont show up in the leader boards, why is that?! (my current name in Apex is: DontTakeMyOctane

@TTV-Bratunor Assuming this is the correct profile DontTakeMyOctane’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker you do not currently have a region set up yet.

  1. firstly make sure your Origin account is linked here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

  2. Set your region here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

Once this is done you shall see your regional flag show as exampled below.


thanks how long will it take to refresh?

What’s your TRN Username and i’ll check the progress of your linking.

Ok i managed it now and am on the leaderboards thanks