Account Not Showing Plz Help

Hello I used to be #1 for Free-For-All eliminations on Call of Duty Vanguard as you can see in the screenshot provided from a few months ago. But every other day my name would always vanish from the leaderboard for days at a time so I stopped playing. Now my account does not show at all. I search for my playstation name and nothing comes up, I search my Activision name and nothing comes up. Ridiculous I should still be top 5 for Free-For-All eliminations too and I never show anymore on the Activision leaderboard OR the Playstation leaderboard nothing at all. At one point I even had Tracker Premium to try and get better support and was just told my account may take up to 24 hrs to update. But it was taking even longer, days! Its not fair this site sucks!! Call of Duty needs REAL leaderboards again!!

Tracker username: RiseOfLava
PSN: RiseOfLava
Activision Username: Lava#9196202