Activision Account Ban

Hi dudes!!

I have a problem with the tracker. It got my account banned permanently… :confused: i’ve spent a lot of time and money on that and its all for nothing now.

I tried to contact overwolf and they say that the problem is not in the app. I’ve created a new account and tried to play. without the tracker app openned everything works, when i openned the app and tried to open MW game, it load ok and then the game close itself. at the third time got my new account a perma ban again!

what the hell?! :frowning:

I don’t want this recent account back, but i would certainly like to get my old account back, but as far as i know from internet forums and pages, there is no way to appeal for that.

can you help me, or at least i help you on resolving this?! you say that the app is safe to use!!

Can you please send me a link to your profile on our site? Thanks

Hi! The profile link is
I am in contact with overwolf too. I sent them overwolf logs and they are trying to reach activision support. Before my account ban i’ve created two more dummy accounts and tried the same process just to make sure that is this app causing the problem. Same outcome: without the app everything wen fine. When i start the app then the game the game close by itself and at the 3rd / 4th time that i open the game i got a ban message.

In fact, is the codstars warzone companion the same app as this one (or a incremental update)? because the first time i got banned (the XplodMan account) was with the warzone companion. But the two dummy accounts that i’ve tested was with the TRN warzone app.

Warzone Companion is not our app, it’s a different app by a different developer. We developed and support Warzone Tracker only.

I have an official statement from Overwolf on a different post from reddit regarding this:

If possible, I guess, please continue the discussion with Overwolf and share some logs with them, they might be able to help.

Can you link me that reddit post please? Anyway, with your app the problem is exactly the same so probably the issue is on the framework and it’s your interest this to be solved.

This is the link:

Give it a check on the most recent replies on that and

As you will see there is a probably problem with overwolf + windows insider program. There is a bunch of guys with this configuration and all of them are getting banned, no matter the app/developer.

I received a reply from Overwolf and they said they are checking on the matter.