Activision account won't link to Codtracker


I can’t link my Activision account, I have a paid premium account.
I have my Playstation, twitter, twitch, and more linked.
I appear on the playstation leaderboards but not the activision leaderboards.
All my settings seem to allow permissions on the activision side of things…
Maybe there’s something that can be done on the backend of things?

PSN: oTopshot
Act: oTopshot#5717893


Hi @oTopshot,

I see that your Activision ID has been linked successfully (you can check the Premium status in your profile:

Could you tell us please what leaderboards you are trying to find your Activision ID in?

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It’s the Vanguard Activision leaderboards I’m not showing up on.

I see your Activision ID in this leaderboard:

Do you have any specific examples where your placement is not available? If possible, please send links to those leaderboards.

Is there anyway to look at my profile and update it so it shows the place and percentage? Mine only shows percentage. I’ve attached a picture of both mine and one that has both.


Unfortunately, we cannot force an update manually. The system is not always able to identify your exact placements and it may take some time to calculate them.