Advertising in Premium account

Don’t understand why am I seeing advertising and “buy premium” account when I already Premium user for almost 1 month


I’ve tried to link it with Valorant, Blizzard and Discord. Still getting ads and “buy premium” advertising

Hi @RVixen,

I see your linked gaming platforms but your Premium membership is not associated with your Tracker Network account. Could you tell us please when and where you purchased your Premium subscription? Did you use your current email?

If you are using our Overwolf app and purchased the subscription in the Overwolf Appstore, your subscription will be available in the app only. You can, however, to switch to global subscription:

If you purchased the subscription on our website, we need more information about the payment.

Thank you for response

I’ve bought Premium membership on the 23 March (+/-9pm in London time zone). More info about purchase:
Merchant: Xsolla
Invoice number: 918840551
Purchase description: Outplayed
Username: rnc125

I believe I’ve use current email on those accounts which has matched username, and bought from Overwolf website (got email from [email protected])

Thank you for the information. As you can see on the Appstore, Outplayed is not our app and we do not offer subscriptions for apps created by other developers:


If you purchase Tracker Network subscription, you will be able to use it for our websites, mobile apps, and our apps published on the Overwolf Appstore (