All of My Previous Stats are Gone

I have been playing since Blood Orchid and yet, even with my accounts linked I see nothing. I have also played through White Noise, Chimera, Para Bellum, Grim Sky, Wind Bastion, Burnt Horizon, Phantom Sight, Void Edge, Shadow Legacy, Neon Dawn, Crimson Heist, North Star, Demon Veil, Vector Glare, Dread Factor, Heavy Mettle, and finally Deep Freeze and yet all I see on R6 Tracker is Deep Freeze.

Hi, what is your username and platform please?

My username for PS is TheHox5241 and my xbox is The Hox#5241.

Which account did you play on during the seasons you mentioned?

The PS account you mentioned also doesn’t exist according to Ubi. Can you check if you made a typo?

Would that be because of a username change?