All of my stats are not being displayed on my profile

The stats are not fully displayed on the valorant website profile whereas on the app they are displayed, but even then, it doesn’t give all of the info, like total wins or playtime and others.


Can you please share a link to your profile?

We are in the process of moving Overwolf data to use the Riot API. This means that your data differs from Overwolf or before.
We are working on processing your older data to provide you with a full view of your stats profile. There is no ETA for that currently.

I understand that you don’t have an ETA, but is this a matter of weeks, months or years approximately?

Few weeks I suppose. We are also in contact with Riot Games and the API is still in early days, so as the Riot API improves it will enable us to move faster.

Ok, thank you. That’s very helpful.