Amount of matches not comparing

Currently the amount of matches played isn’t correct.
For example I played 7 duo matches today, but Fortnitetracker says I played 10.

How can I fix this?

Hi @Snailsmith,

Most likely, you do not update your profile often enough which is why we cannot track your matches properly. You may have played those extra matches yesterday but we were only able to detect them today when you opened your profile.

As you can see, some of your matches are grouped together in your profile:

It happens because there is no official way to track your individual matches in Fortnite. Instead, we use our own method to track your matches but you have to update your profile after every match for this method to work.

If you update your profile regularly, you will be able to avoid grouped matches in your profile. Otherwise, your matches will be mixed up and may appear on a wrong day.

Please note that you can also become a Premium member and we will update your profile automatically for you to avoid grouped matches: