An impostor has linked himself to my profile on your website!!! How is this possible???

My account in Origin is “vanini_87”.

Today I discovered that in my profile (“vanini_87”) on your website, a geolocation and a link to Twitter appeared. It’s not possible legally because I didn’t do it. It turns out that someone (an impostor) linked himself to my “Battlefield 5” profile on your site using a hole (probably due to the reputation system) in your system.

My profile:
VANINI_87's Battlefield V Stats - Battlefield Tracker

It turns out that the impostor created fake accounts (for example, Twitter) so that he would have access to the Origin account link. After this, it turns out that he indicated my name as the link to the Origin of the account. That is, that the impostor linked my profile on your website. Next, he indicated the geolocation and provided a link to the fake Twitter.
This is an impostor cheater’s Twitter, not mine.

My YouTube channel, where my videos are (“vanini_87”):

My twitter:

My reddit:
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Thank you for your attention. Please fix the gaps in your
system, and unlink the impostor from my profile on your site, and please make sure this doesn’t happen again.

@vanini_87 Can you please add ‘Jymlbox’ via the EA app so that was I can verify ownership of the EA/Origin ID.

Apologies; EA doesn’t have an easier way for me to verify this.

Thank you

Update: The team have removed that Origin ID from linked accounts. You can now add as you wish

Thank you for your attention and for quickly reacting to the problem and solving this problem. But I think that you need to do something about this gap in your system, because similar cases may happen in the future with other users.

After all, it turns out that any user of your site, maliciously, can create two fake accounts of different platforms/social networks, link them to his profile on your site, and then he will have the opportunity to link himself to any name Origin of the profile on your site. An impostor who wants to discredit someone can take advantage of this. And then he will be able to add geolocation and links to fake accounts (which were created specifically to discredit a real player), which will be displayed publicly for all users of your site.
That is, it turns out, as far as I understand, that your security system is based on a reputation system, that is, on a system of trust.
This is a clear gap.
Please try to close this gap in the future.

P.S. for understanding:
I am “vanini_87” (“VANINI_87”).
There is "vanLnL_87 (“VANlNl_87”) - an impostor cheater in BF5 who cheats in the game pretending to be me, trying to discredit me (probably out of banal envy or revenge). The impostor constantly creates fakes. And this time, the impostor created a fake link on your site using a flaw in your site.

Thanks again! I’m just trying to help prevent similar scams from happening in the future.