An in game win displayed a loss in my profile due to Fortnite glitch

Due to a Fortnite glitch that is live right now, some wins are counting as losses on my profile. The glitch turns friendly fire on, swaps the teams, and makes all npcs aggro. Regardless of all this chaos, I still won the games, and won with a crown both times. When I returned to the lobby, I also had a crown. However, when I checked my match history on Fortnite Tracker, they counted as a loss. This is alarming because it brings my TRN rating down quite a bit from 4999 to 4994, which is a significant amount when the number is that high.

There is a website called RazTracker which can be used to upload replays, here is the link to the game that counted as a loss:

You can see here that my team rank was zero, which is impossible. The replay cuts off right after I died, but I did get rebooted. The replay doesn’t show that due to the new glitch that is going around.

There is also a more recent game that counted as a loss. Both of those recent losses were invalid due to the new glitch going around. The glitch is valid and can be verified by checking Twitter and seeing the outrage it caused. I would just like those two games to be off my profile, whether it be corrected to a win, or erased completely.

Thank you.

Epic Name: StickyGlueFTW
Platform: PC
Region: NA East