An unknown error occured?

Whenever i try to load my fortnite stats it says “an unknown error has occured.” What do i do?

Hi @Txrtles101_YT,

If it happens in the mobile app, please make sure your Epic Games username is up-to-date on this page:

You may need to link your Fortnite profile in the mobile app once again too.

Hello, i have re linked my fortnite but that didnt work, my username is up to date (its my display name if thats he problem) and my account should be up to date, i reinstalled the app but it doesnt get rid of the data, i cleared the data too, that did not work, i am also having a problem with rocket league. It is telling me my username was not found. (Its Txrtles101_YT)

Do you play on PlayStation?

I was able to find your Rocket League profile on PlayStation:

I also was able to find your Fortnite profile on PlayStation but you need to update your privacy settings:

Hello, thank you for replying, i think somekne might have taken my name for rocket league since whenever i try to do it it says “username was not found” so i have not linked my account to the tracker. I also cannot find the privacy settings yo make my account not private. Please help me

Yesss thank you! I have claimed my rocket league account but the stats are innacurate, i could tell you them, they are very similar but not the same.

Same please help me too

Can’t help when no details are provided. Screenshots and your username would be helpful.