apex legends leaderboard not working

i set my Geo settings and linked my origin account, still not showing on Regional Leaderboards. origin id: ISRAT_ij


I can see you have the region set correctly; however, it’s not displaying on your profile as you suggest.

Leave this one with me; we’ll get it fixed :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. I always update the geo and my ign doesn’t show on the regional leaderboards. ID: iHAYMe

my stats are updated but according to your leaderboards i should be 22 in the us with rampart and 4 in the us on mouse and key…my tag is nowhere to be found… i dont play on origin i play on steam. Tag is Bull3t_lag

Greetings, Overlord of Support LJM.

Im in need of a bit of assistance, wasnt sure if to create a new post or reach out in this manner.

Are you available?

Still not showing top 5 in the us on rampart this season for kills not on the leaderboard…

I should be number 16 in the United States on PlayStation for arenas kills done with Octane and I’m not even on the board. I updated my location and everything and I’m still not on it.