Apex Please stop tracking my xbox live in would like all my data deleted

Please delete all my apex player data and stop fetching my data using my Xbox live. I have revoked all permissions and my information is still being collected and still being updated on the tracker network. Please help me in removing all connections to the tracker network!!!

Hi @MustardNoff,

There is currently no way to hide your Apex Legends stats. You can only clear your legend stats on our website, but your profile will be updated anyway whenever someone looks for it.

Please contact EA support if you want to suggest them such a feature.

I would like the tracker network to stop collecting data from me. I have revoked permissions. Why are they still collecting data? Surely this is invading my privacy? Ever since registering my upload speeds on xbox have dropped and is adding to my lagging. Please stop collecting this data!

  1. We have absolutely zero impact on your ‘upload speeds’

  2. Data is provided Via Respawn/EA from which is publicly available for everyone to see as part of their API system. This is extremely common place and does not contain any ‘personal data’ in any shape or form.

  3. When you select ‘do not share data’ within Apex Legends this refers to marketing preferences and diagnostic data. Which again we have absolutely zero control over, we see nothing in regards to that option.

  4. At this time we cannot prevent accounts from being searched up; some games do offer this feature however Apex is not one of them.

While this may not be the answer you’re after right now it’s not something we control.