Apex Tracker Account

I still cant find my account i linked my origin, and steam. I play apex through steam, my account name is TeriyakiSauce - My origin name is TeriyakiSauceeee

Hello @TeriyakiSauce and welcome to the TRN forums

It seems like you already had an active discussion going on here:

Please try to keep your related threads together to prevent cluttering of the forums. This will help those who come after you who may have the same issue and are looking for resolution.

That being said, I did find one account that has 3 "e"s in the name instead of 4 like yours; does it look like this could be your account?


I can’t find my origin and steam accounts either.
My origin ID is Egstkg

no mine has 4 e’s @vindictivesmurf

@vindictivesmurf any update i didnt get a response on my last post or this post