Apex Tracker Not Working For Me

I play on origin and ever since I’ve downloaded apex tracker it hasn’t worked right for me. nothing updates. the only thing that show’s every game is the people in the game. it doesn’t show the kills or knocks or gun or placement or anything else other than the people in the game lobby. I don’t know if i didn’t set it up right or if its something on your end but i could really use the help especially before the season 12 patch today. that way if this happens again i can fix it!
Please Help!!!


Hi @Kingconnection,

Thank you for your report. Please send us your game logs to help us resolve this issue for you as soon as possible:

Could you also tell us your current nickname in the game?

Please note that the app will not be available for several days when a new season starts. It is a common situation and it usually takes a couple of days to support a new season.