Apex Tracker not working

when i made my tracker account i was playing apex on steam (i had my origin account linked as well).
i moved to apex on origin yesterday and it has stopped tracking any of my stats, is there anything i can do to fix this?

switching between origin and steam doesn’t change anything, and you still look up the same origin username

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Normally I’d have agreed with that but in the past 24 hours it hasn’t tracked any of my matches when i played on origin, the only matches i see are the one which i was able to play on the steam version of the same game (last one being about 15 hours ago from the time I’m writing this reply).

What’s your origin ID?

Can you also screenshot your ingame profile for me; please bare in mind we can only see your currently selected legend and trackers; we do not have access to global account data for Apex.

Thank you

My origin ID is RyanePlays
I was not aware of how legends can be selected by the website. how can i change this?
I am unable to send any screenshots of anything ingame as EA has suspended my account for, and i quote “Purchase errors” which is preventing me from accessing my titanfall 2 or apex game menus entirely. will try to send if the dispute gets resolved soon hopefully

It’s based on what you select ingame; not on site :slight_smile: