Apex Tracker Showing wrong account

I recently downloaded apex tracker to use it and it shows my account as my friends, and his shows mine. On top of that it doesnt even show proper stats(incorreect ones for him and no stats for me).
there is no option to change the account it tracks and i have no idea how to change it.

Hi @FullDeadRadio,

The app should detect your profile automatically, there is currently no way to change it manually. However, if it cannot detect your profile properly, there must be a bug somewhere. Could you provide more information about the issue please to help us fix it?

  1. What is your nickname and what is your friend’s nickname? What are your platforms (Steam or Origin)?
  2. What do you see in the app? If possible, please send us a few screenshots and explain what data is incorrect.
  3. Could you send us your game logs? You can read an instruction on this page: