Apex tracker stopped working

Soo ever since season 7 dropped my tracker just stopped working for no reason. After i switched to steam it tracked for a couple of days but thats it. I tryed to force update my stats and go back to origin but that dosn’t helped at all.

Here is a link to my account: https://tracker.gg/apex/profile/origin/Mozess/overview

Please ensure that you are not using any special event trackers.

We explain here why your stats may not be up to date; playing on Steam is not a problem.

Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

I unequipped every event badge, but its still not working

its fixed now i only see caustic path horizon n bloodhound

Ye but its form season 7. the tracking stopped there
Im diamond right now both arenas and br

hmm ima ping a admin for u to see if they can fix it @LostBlood he/she needs help

Thanks i hope he can help

anytime also wanna play sometime im on xbox ill private message u