APEX TRN Premium not canceled order

I’m sorry~ I would like to ask why I have already deleted my TRN Premium account, why the bank still deducts money from me?

The TRN account ‘Kstone’ does not have an active subscription so this isn’t us.

  • Can you confirm that Kstone is your correct TRN ID?
  • Do you have other TRN accounts?


You can DM me anything you’re not comfortable posting publicly or email me directly - [email protected]

As you can see, my bank statement show your service still deduct in november and december even I already deleted my account.

Hidden images

This is last my account

Please DM me the email address you believe is linked to that account in question; for general security, I’m going to remove the photos you attached of your bank statements.

As it stands ‘Kstone’ the account you have shown so far has no linked premium subscription; I would like to verify you don’t have other accounts so please pass me the relevant email.

Thank you

My old account info
Email:[email protected]
Same email and name as new one
If you really can’t find out why still deduct even I didn’t subscribe, then nevermind. I will find another way.

Thanks you