API key deleted


my API key had been working well uninterruptedly since June 2022 when @xorth enabled it, but 4 days ago it suddenly stopped working. I logged into TRN to discover my app was deleted altogether. What has happened?

The app name was ForkKnife Rankings.


Hey. We shared the update on our Discord. Had to remove everyone’s keys to battle some serious ongoing abuse of the API. Also, we cannot offer the Fortnite API anymore.

If there’s ever any other game you wish to use the API for please let me know.

yup same here

This is really a shame, as the main reason my clan and I were using your website was the Fortnite TRN rating. With us now being forced to move to Fortnite API, this means TRN is going to lose several users who are in a similar situation.

Punishing the whole user base because of a few transgressions is a poorly thought-out idea. First Twitter/X, then Reddit, and now TRN. Disappointing.