App cant add profile

Hello guys,

I need help. I installed the Tracker app and wanted to add my r6 account to the profil, but it dosnt work and once there appeared some error something like connecting error idk. So if anyone knows how to fix it would be very much appreaciated.

Hi, are you talking about the mobile app, or the Overwolf app?

Please provide more detail into the error you are experiencing.


Its the mobile app on android 11. And for the error: Well i went to profile, clicked on link profil → add Platform, then i added literaly anything i have cause it didnt work (twitch, ubisoft, discord, etc) and when i went back to the app nothing changed and only for once for a small second there was a pop up saying error what ever was to fast gone (sorry) and yea i tried reinstalling, new account, taking out the platform in question and readd it. Nothing works. Anything else oyu need?

From what I believe, you don’t need to prove ownership to get quick access to your account. I think you just need to visit your profile three times, then you should get a prompt to save that account as your own.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What the hack why does this work? xD

Well anyway thanks a lot <3