App is not working for days

My app is working normally. However since 2days, it stops to show me the online features (live match stats). And this today, the app is not even loading my own profile so i can only look for my profile to have any stats.
I dont know if you are aware of some problems in the app ? I check everything in settings of overwolf, app, and r6. I even install again everything but nothing, still the same problem
Thanks for help o/

Sorry @snoopslug, the app didn’t work after the R6 patch as the API was down but it should be working now.

still not working for me, from my own profile to online match …

Sorry to bother you about this again but still as you checked that yesterday the API was offline because of the new update. Any chance that you can try again, and make sure you run Overwolf before the game? Also, are you running Vulkan?

well for some reasons, i still have the message that the app is having some issues, but everything if working now.
and yes i m running Vulkan

Yea that’s a small bug, sorry about that. The app should work as you mentioned.