App not accurate?

I’ve noticed that both before the new season, and especially after the season update, a lot of the information that I’m seeing, I believe to be inaccurate. The top 3 operators over the past 24 hours are Always bandit, jager, and doc. Is this correct?

The seasonal operater usage is just blank, along with the performance tab. It also seems like my total operator usage times are inaccurate, but I can’t confirm that at the moment. I would really like to use this tracker as it’s very helpful in game, if it worked!

When looking at a players “Top operator” Before going in game, it almost never matches up with how the match is going to play out. I wonder is there any push to have players “Most used operator” Over a short period of time available to be viewed? I think this would be a lot more helpful than “Top operator” when glancing at the screen.

Thanks for your time! Awesome idea for a tracker, just needs a bit of tweaking in some areas to be more accurate and useful in my opinion. Keep it up!

Hey, thanks for the feedback, yes, you are correct about the operator stats. Ubisoft broke operator stats a while ago, we’ve been trying to get them to fix it, we’ve also been trying to find work arounds to the issue.

If a work around isn’t possible in the near future, we will potentially record operator usage stats through the pc overlay app. This should provide you with decent data.

We’re in the process of making sustaintial updates to our pc overlay app, exciting new stats are coming!

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Hey that’s awesome thanks for a reply! I’m sure it’s difficult working to fix these things. I Look forward to seeing it improve! Best of luck!

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hey, the other day (July 6,2022) I had a public quick match in the map (Presidential plane) I got a video of me getting an ace and voice recording of me getting a 4k. the issue comes that the tracker didn’t count that match. if you want me to sent the video reply me asking for it and i will( it is the 4th round of the match and last 3m 44s)

Hi, unfortunately we cannot add match history to your account. If the issue happens again, please send us your Overwolf logs, this is the info we’d need, not a video.

A guide on how to send Overwolf logs is attached, thank you.