App not showing on Second Screen

I have the option ‘‘Second Screen’’ turned on. It says that : ‘‘Show the app on your second screen when a match starts’’.
The problem is that it doesn’t show on my second screen. I can only use it as an overlay in Rocket League and I cannot see it while in match on my second screen.

Hi @Justt_Dinu,

Could you try to disable this setting and click on “Switch to Second Screen” in Live Match before a match starts? Do you have the app on your second screen in this case?

I solved it, I just reinstalled Overwolf and the app, I just need to not turn the ‘‘Second Screen’’ option on. I can just leave the app on my 2nd monitor and it’s fine.
When I clicked ‘‘Switch to second screen’’ it just dissapears. I don’t know if it’s a problem from me or from the app, but still, I’m glad I solved it.