App still showing ads after upgrade to premium

I’ve tried restarting the app, even reinstalling it. My accounts are linked, and it’s had more than enough time to link up.

Hi @cheeesehead,

We are sorry for the late response. Could you tell us please if you have the Premium badge in the app? I checked your profile and everything should work well according to my tests.


Could you also clarify please where and when exactly you see ads in the app? Does an ad appear after particular actions?

i also have issue with the ads still showing on the overlay and i have paid for permium and have linked my accounts

Hi @The_vette92,

Please make sure you have linked the correct Riot games account on your TRN account.

Please then navigate to then make sure you are logged into your TRN account.

The next time you open your Valorant Tracker Overwolf app, you wouldn’t see any ads as along as you are on the correct valorant account.

Thanks :slight_smile: