Arenas Win Streak issue


I know it’s not currently possible to extract data from the upgraded arena winstreakes badge. So I would like to ask you if there is a way for me to be on the leaderboard manually?
I’d be top1 in my country, but I don’t want to put my achievement on any social media until I “exist” on the leaderboard. Since I’ve already lost the win streak at 81 and I can’t increase it for a while, I can’t see why not.

My PSN ID is: lacika5441

Hi @lacika5441,

The leaderboards sort players automatically, there is no way to add them manually. The only way to be placed in a leaderboard is to have specific stats in your profile.

Further info on this one.

Unfortunately we cannot track the ‘evolved’ Arenas win streak badge right now; we’re hoping to add it soon!