Attacker and Defender are confused in matchovervie


I’ve noticed that in some matches the attacking and defending team is confused. This leads to the wrong display, which team wins the round.

Image: Upper section, first line. Team A(Green) wins 13:2 against Red
Round:Details: Team red wins 13 rounds, green only 2.

It’s not happening all the times. Some games are displayed correctly. But I can see the mistake in many games.

This confusion carries on. E.g in the charater statistics in the lower section of the image.
I’ve played 1 game as Sage, which I won. Therefore winrate 100 %
In the details, the side tells me:
Attacker: 3Win 9 Loss
Defender: 0Win 4 Loss

So here obviously the win/loss is inverted and the rounds of the loosing team was counted for me.

When i assume that this is only due to an mix-up due to the ramdomisation of which teams starts attacking, i have to suppose that for 50 % of the games the rounds are wrongly counted. This makes the gamedetails complete random and needs a new buildup of the gamedetails for all the accounts.

All the best. Thanks for the great service