Battlefield 2042 cant claim profile


so I saw that the bf2042 tracker is finally available (thank you for that :slight_smile: )

Now I have tried to claim my profile for some time now, but it doesnt seem to work.
Is the feature not available yet since it is a beta according to twitter or is it just an error?
It throws me to the account management page. So is there anything else, which I have to enter? Like origin even though it is playstation?

Link to my profile: allgeierkeAvD's Profile Overview - Battlefield 2042 Tracker

My psn id is set to this one and I was able to claim my r6 profile and bfv profile aswell.

Thank you in advance.

I also want to know how to claim my Battlefield 2042 profile.

Hello @allgeierke and @CarverSindile. Welcome to the TRN forums!

Sometimes claiming a profile requires having a few other profiles linked in your Linked Accounts page. I can’t remember exactly when this is required (and I’m having a bit of trouble finding it on the forums here where I first saw it), but there are instances where you are required to link at least two other social platforms as well to prevent against bots or people “squatting” on high-profile accounts.

Can you confirm if you have any two (2) of the following linked on your social page?

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

If that doesn’t seem to work for you, can you also try signing into the webpage associated with the platform you play on? For instance, if you play on PlayStation, can you navigate to and sign into ? After you’ve done so, can you try re-linking your account or claiming your profile to see if that helps?

@allgeierke I can confirm you have the below accounts linked/claimed

If you need to add more go here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

: image