Battlefield 42 missing weapons

Hey there, since yesterday BF 2042 Tracker misses my top weapons like M5, AK and SFAR. I have 7k + Kills with the M5 but the PBX is my top gun on the tracker with 3k kills. how can i solve this? the weapons are just missing completely.

I have same issue. Very irritating bug. Please fix

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Same here. Many weapon’s disappear.

i think they will never notice lol

Lol I play A 91 and can’t even look how hs % I got.
Why half weapons are gone in tracker list???

Thank you for your reports, we will verify the issue.

A fix has been deployed and they should now be showing up again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes it is working again, good work :+1:but it is still very inconsistent, the page has to be reloaded 3 times before all weapons are displayed.