BF2042 Daily KD Graph not Updating

Title pretty much describes my issue.

I play BF2042 everyday and check TRN past 3 days but KD graph says I have 2.66 everyday.

Hoping this issue is related to season 4 and the site needs updating.

I thought the graph posted the K/D for that 24 hours. Turns out the graph just plots your lifetime KD day after day.

Another graph should be presented plotting the 24 hour KD. You should also be able to toggle plotting the KD with AI considered or not. More interested in human KD.

More stats should be presented regarding objectives captured, like a graph plotting objectives captured for that day. Graphs for daily revives, resupplies, vehicles destroyed, the list could go on!

Looks like KD for the day does post after all.

This post should really just be deleted.