BF2042 Stats are old or incorrect

My stats on the Battlefield Tracker page say I’m rank S014, but I’m actually S042 and my XP is way off. Is there that big of a delay or is it only tracking from when stats went live?


Hi @ms372591,

Thank you for your report. We retrieve your Level and XP from BF2042 APIs. If some of these stats are incorrect, there is probably nothing we can do on our side to fix it. We checked the values and they seem correct on our website according to the APIs.

Your rank (S014), however, is something we calculate ourselves. Our team will review the algorithm soon and we will fix it if there is a bug.

I play every day and my stats haven’t changed since last week, so I guess the API is a bit delayed.

Are you saying that none of your stats have changed since last week or just the S-Level / XP?

Stats and XP are starting to move now. Weapon kills don’t seem to match what’s showing in the game, but at least it’s moving now.

Something seems to be a bit off tho, your tracker shows my rank as S030 although I am S039 ingame. The new weapon BSV-M isn´t even listed even tho I have >1200 kills ingame. Any fix soon for this?

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Yeah i’ve been trying to look at my stats and i don’t even come up my ign is “Villain”

I gave up using this site for stats in BF2042 because they are not accurate, I have 14 weapons at the stage you get the red black skin which means I have over 1200 kill with each weapon, yet the stats show my kills anywhere from 600 to 800 on most of those weapons, it is the same for vehicles too, I do not know if it is the site or the game, I suspect the game, just another thing Dice cannot get right, BFV was always spot on with this site so again suspect it is BF2042 not reporting correctly.