BO4 Score stats not showing properly

Hey guys

I’ll try to keep it short:

Some of my BO4 stats aren’t showing up properly on the BO4 tracker

That’s especially extremly painful to me because I was actually aiming for top of the leaderboard in the “Score” category in Germany & I am currently on 2nd place with 26 million points (number 1 is in my friendslist so I know his score, he got around 27 million)

The score is capped at 16.7 million points on your tracker

Like I said above I have around 26 million points but the tracker says 9 million for whatever reason, also the score per minute is wrong on here but that I don’t care about

I can provide you ingame screenshots or even a video for proof

Would be nice if that could be fixed soon :relaxed:

Thank you, iQuonix

Hi @iQuonix,

Unfortunately, Black Ops 4 is a legacy title now and we do not maintain it anymore. Most probably, Activision API returns incorrect or outdated stats which is why we cannot fix it on our side.