Bought premium but matches still grouping

IOS, rocket league, please help

Hi @LEBN123,

I have noticed that you do not have any gaming platforms associated with your Tracker Network account. Please go to this page and link the platform you are currently playing Rocket League on:

Also, please remember that you can contact us privately since you are a Premium member:

Great, thank you. I just linked the account. I’ll try and see if it works.

Still grouping matches…

I would recommend you to play more matches to see if grouping happens a lot. If you play several matches in a very short period of time (within a couple of minutes), our system may not be able to detect those matches separately due to technical limitations.

If each of your future matches lasts at least 1-2 minutes but grouping still happens, please let me know and I will pass on this issue for investigation.


Full matches of 5 min or longer are still being grouped and it says to get premium to avoid grouping.

This is the only function I purchased premium for.


Could you please send me a screenshot of what you see exactly? I checked the account you linked (lebn123's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker) on our website, it looks like grouping happens rarely now.

Seems to have greatly improved now. I’ll report back if the issue comes back. Thank you!