Bring Back Old Features

I really enjoyed the last TRN for one main reason. I was able to see if someone was smurfing. The best part about it was you could see every one of their ranks no matter what playlist you were in, and with that you could see their rewards. You could easily pull a smurf out of the bunch because you could see their one rank either being unranked or same rank with no rewards. Now all we see is their current rank, which I could do with Bakkesmod, which is a little less imposing on the screen because it adds the MMR in game when using the scoreboard.

That brings me to the last topic which is how annoying it is to constantly minimize the TRN window. Why does it need to open up in every new match (or freeplay). It never leaves the screen which really blocks the view of the game, and then making me manually close it every match. I would be okay with it opening every game as long as it closes automatically when the count down of the match starts.

Unfortunately if nothing changes I will have to uninstall and just use Bakkesmod for the MMR rather than TRN unless I was looking on the website.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk,

  • Alien

Hey @Aliendude3799, thank you so much for this feedback.

We recieved a lot of requests to bring this back since release, and this is what we did today. We were literetly finishing working on it while you wrote this topic, so it’s now live! Here are more details: Version 2.0.4 Change log - bringing back old features!

I’m happy to hear what you think. Also, the auto-hide of the app when the match begins is also coming in the next version, we are aiming for tomorrow.