BUG: Hide ALIASES doesn’t work at all

If you hide your alliases on r6tracker nothing gonna happen, you can still see them even after waiting couple hours or using different browsers such as Chrome, Edge,…. On phone doesn’t even work, you press it to hide “alliases visibility updated” nope u come back and it’s still there. New website has more bugs than siege itself. It’s bug so fix it, we can’t even contact support.

Thank you have a nice day.


Just to clarify something here. Writing on the forums is contacting support; so you have that :slight_smile:

Secondly; so we look into this can you confirm the following as you’ve not linked an account?

  • What is your TRN ID?
  • Which platform are you trying to hide aliases of (Xbox/PSN/PC)
  • What is your gamertag for the relevant platform?

Thank you

TRN ID — no idea whats TRN ID so i gonna give youURL to my account.

platform — PC
gamertag — III…lll

Where can i find TRN ID ?

Or how can i link my account ?

5 days passed. Still not fixed.


I don’t believe aliases are showing on your profile anymore which leads me to believe this was fixed.

Any further issues, let me know.

Thank you