Bug showing old name on Linked Profiles


So basically I have my account linked on my TRN account and I changed my Riot name but it still shows the old one.

What I tried:

  1. Unlinked the account and linked it again, pressed the switch profile button on the app and it still showed old name

  2. Deleted my account and made a fresh one to link my Riot Account there, went back on the app and it still showed the old name.

From these 2 things I tried, since I’m a software engineer too, I can understand that the issue is on your side and not Riot’s side, since the linked account is the correct one (and shows the correct name) while in the app it doesn’t seem to fetch the current name but is stuck for whatever reason on the old one. I doubt it’s some sort of “it takes a while to refresh your name” bug since it’s been like that for a couple of weeks.

You should try this way since im ios, but it worked for me, that go to your riot account, unlink the tracker, then do to the app > my profile > find player, then on the top there is sign in with riot account.


Thank you for your report. A bugfix will be going live soon.