Bug with session tracking and group play

I’ve been having issues with the tracker not properly starting a new session when I trigger a new round of play and I now have a good reproduction case for it. Basically the new session fails to start and session tracking generally doesn’t work if you are in a group and you aren’t the creator of the group. It seems 100% reproducible.

So the issue can be reproduced if you get an invite from a friend and join their group and then start a new round. In that case the new session popup window doesn’t appear and the session tracking widget generally can’t be activated.

Hey, thanks for reporting.

Any chance that you can share your game log files with us so we can take a look at what’s wrong?

It will help us a lot.

This is how to do it:
We need Player.log and Player_prev.log from AppData\LocalLow\Mediatonic\FallGuys_client

Thank you.