Bugs, issues, cheaters

Really disappointed to not see myself on the leaderboards, my stats are real unlike a lot of the cheaters that take the number 1 spot consistently. A lot of the leaderboards don’t work and when they do work, players want to see where they rank on them. Myself especially. Kinda convinced at this point that the app and site are just an ad generator to crank up money at this point, if that’s the case, I’m out. There should be someone verifying the top position. You can clearly tell just by looking at a few stats on the persons profile that they are hackers. They do not deserve the top spot and it’s disrespectful to the people that do. Fix it. The apps been around long enough, these same problems that were there when I first got on the app 6 years ago shouldnt still be here. It’s sad

Hi @CashinCheeeqs,

Could you tell us please what games on our website you mean? Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify all leaderboards manually because we support many games and each game has many different leaderboards. However, there are internal tools in our system that remove inactive players from leaderboards in some games automatically (we assume that cheaters get banned eventually and do not play anymore).

If you cannot find your profile in leaderboards, please send us links to those leaderboards and your profile.