Bugs with session widget and round icons

First off I’d like to say I’m really enjoying the app. The user interface is very slick and it tracks everything I’m interested in tracking so all that is awesome!

I’m currently on Fall Guys Tracer Ver 0.1.66. I downloaded the app a couple days ago and after the initial download it was working great but today I’ve been having issues. Here are some of the problems I’ve noticed:

  1. For some reason, today Ctrl+G doesn’t bring up the session widget (this worked yesterday). I tried shutting down and reopening both Fall Guys and the tracker tool but it didn’t solve the issue. I also tried rebooting my machine but surprising that didn’t work either.
  2. I ran into an issue where the session tracking section of the app UI doesn’t properly update. It gets set to all zeros when Fall Guys boots but never updates with new numbers once I enter / complete rounds. The rounds are still getting pushed to the Show history tab but the session info never updates. Interestingly, like #1, this also worked yesterday but no longer works today.
  3. It appears that Slime Scraper, isn’t in the Levels list and it renders as a blank entry whenever I play the level in Show History.
  4. It also seems like Big Shots, Pipe Dream, Leading Light are appearing as blanks in the Show history and aren’t getting their round info assigned in the Levels list
  5. Ctrl + R and Ctrl + G aren’t the greatest default hotkeys for bringing up the overlays. When you are on the main menu in Fall Guys the control key is used to select the type of game mode you’d like to play. This really isn’t a bug but it does create some annoyance until you swap the hotkeys and it seems like a not so great user experience out of the box.

Sorry to blast all that bug / feedback info into one message but I figured I’d just put all the stuff I ran into in one message since it all kind of affected my first couple days of using the tool. Thanks!

Hi @shaqua471,

Thank you for such an informative feedback! We have added everything to our to-do list, the app developers will review the issues as soon as they can. Please note that it can some time to release a fix as some issues are difficult to reproduce.

Thanks for responding! If it’s helpful I’m still actively experiencing the first and second issue so maybe that can help?