Can not figure out how to change privacy for valorant tracker

I have been trying to figure this out for the past hour. I try to use the tracker app and it says that my account is private. It then says to sign in to make the account public which is what i want to do. So i sign in and it brings me right back to the ID search and doesn’t do anything. PLZ someone help me im struggling here. And yes i have linked my RIOT account to the TRN tracker.

Hi @icurti,

What is your current nickname? Have you changed it recently? As of now, we cannot find your Riot account:

I have not changed my name it has always been iCurti1#NA1 since i started playing valorant. When i search my user name it pops up but then shows this “THIS PROFILE IS PRIVATE.
If this is your account, you can view your stats by continuing with Riot Sign On below!”. So i then try to sign in using riot, it loads for a second then goes right back to the home screen.

Hi @icurti,
You must go to your riot games and log in your main account. That way the tracker will link the account stats according to the account you connected to riot games.

Doesn’t work for me as well